Steel Supply

We provide turn-key solutions, i.e. complete solutions ready for installation. By putting together the right suppliers for your specific order,
we can combine deliveries from more than one steel rolling mill and processing company. This often provides the best options within a given time frame and budget.

Solutions tailored to your needs

One-off delivery or regular deliveries? Uniform steel plate or varying  requirements? Fastest possible delivery or the best price on the  market? When you choose PN Steel A/S, you get the whole package. We tailor each order to your specific requirements and needs. We arrange transportation and deliver to your company or directly to production sites all over the world. We ensure that all plates are supplied with the proper, statutory documentation for full traceability and to allow you to find the information you need at any time.

Financial flexibility

As a customer of PN Steel A/S, we offer you the option of customised payment terms. We cooperate with the French bank BNP Paribas, to whom the invoice is assigned as soon as we have delivered the order as agreed. This not only ensures that we always have liquidity to serve our customers as best we can, but that the payment terms can be customised to your needs. 

Have your steel plate processed before delivery

Depending on your requirements and the environment where the steel plate is to be used, it may be a good idea to have it processed before delivery. At PN Steel A/S, we have an extensive network and long-standing collaborations with several service companies, who can, for example, shot blast and shop prime, cut and bevel, bend or roll the steel before it is delivered to you.

We follow your order all the way

At PN Steel A/S, sourcing is not just about procuring materials and delivering them on time. We also like to handle the logistics all the way from the steel rolling mill that produces the steel, to the service companies that process the steel, to delivery at the time and place stipulated by you. Particularly in the case of very large steel plates, which have to be shipped via special transport, this can facilitate the processes your end.
PN Steel A/S has a logistics centre that takes care of everything from the time we receive your order to delivery of that order to the production site – whether in Denmark or elsewhere in the world. We offer special transport by rail, road, sea and even air to ensure that the order gets to you at the time agreed.

Full traceability

At PN Steel A/S, we track deliveries all the way from the steel rolling mill, through the processing centre, if there is one, to your company or production site. So, you can contact us at any time for information about a specific delivery.

Full documentation and traceability allow you find out what sub-suppliers have worked with the steel plate before its delivery to you. If you would like to be sent the current material certificates, or you require information about the cutting, welding or the like, this is a natural part of the service we offer.