Long and healthy business relation

PN Steel A/S is a financially sound company with several owners involved in the day-to-day management, each of whom take responsibility for delivering steel plate in the desired quality – and possibly processed – at the right price and at the right time.

Through our extensive network and in-depth knowledge of steel plate manufacturers, processing companies and logistics, we are able to put together the most favourable solutions on the market for you.

PN Steel A/S was founded in 2002 by Per Nissen, who is still involved with day-to-day operations today. However, with credibility, high quality and prompt delivery came growth, and more forces have since joined

the company, who help ensure every day that we are a world leader when it comes to sourcing steel plate for larger companies and productions.

The choice is yours – but we’re happy to help

You can choose a specific sub-supplier for the processing of your steel plate, but PN Steel A/S is also happy to find a suitable match for your order, both financially and time-wise.

Our extensive network of contacts, know-how and experience allow us to offer sub-suppliers all over the world. This ensures that the sub-suppliers meet your needs and specific requirements.



PN Steel was founded in 2002 by Per Nissen. Today, the company is part of Lindø Group, which also owns Lindø Steel A/S. Up until 2011, Lindø Steel was an integral part of the A.P. Møller – Mærsk Group, as it continued some of the activities of the former Mærsk “Odense Steel Shipyard”.